fifa women’s world cup
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New Zealand and Australia will host the 9th FIFA Women’s World Cup and include 32 teams in all of the formats used in the men’s world cup 2022. The 2023 Women’s World Cup begins on Thursday, 20 July to Sunday, August 2023. A total of 64 games will be played between Eight groups divided into four teams and the top two teams advance to the knockout round of 16. The United States women won the World Cup in 2019.

When is the Opening Ceremony?

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup opening ceremony will start on July 20, 2023. The first match of the Women’s World Cup 2023 New Zealand will welcome Norway women at the Eden Park Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

2023 Women’s World Cup Groups?

  • Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland
  • Group B: Australia, Republic of Ireland, Nigeria, Canada
  • Group C: Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia, Japan
  • Group D: England, Denmark, China, Play-off Group B winners
  • Group E: United States, Vietnam, Netherlands, Play-off Group A winners
  • Group F: France, Jamaica, Brazil, Play-off Group C winners
  • Group G: Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Argentina
  • Group H: Germany, Morocco, Colombia, South Korea

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Important dates:

  • Group stage: 20 July to August 3, 2023
  • Round of 16: August 5-8
  • Quarterfinals: August 11-12
  • Semifinals: August 15-16
  • Third-place match: August 19
  • WC Final: Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Wednesday, July 20, 2023

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Norway vs New Zealand0-11:00 PMAEden Park Stadium
The Republic of Ireland vs Australia0-14:00 PMBAllianz Stadium

Thursday, July 21

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Canada vs Nigeria0-08:30 AMBPerth Rectangular Stadium
Switzerland vs Philippines0-211:00 AMADunedin Stadium
Costa Rica vs Spain0-31:30 PMCWellington Regional Stadium

Friday, July 22

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Vietnam vs United States0-37:00 AMEEden Park Stadium
Japan vs Zambia5-01:00 PMCFMG Stadium
Haiti vs England0-13:30 PMDBrisbane Football Stadium
China vs Denmark0-16:00 PMDPerth Rectangular Stadium

Saturday, July 23

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
South Africa vs Sweden1-211:00 AMGWellington Regional Stadium
Portugal vs Netherlands0-11:30 PMEDunedin Stadium
Jamaica vs France0-04:00 AMFHindmarsh Stadium

Sunday, 24 July

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Argentina vs Italy0-112:00 PMGEden Park Stadium
Morocco vs Germany0-62:30 PMHAAMI Park Stadium
Panama vs Brazil0-75:00 PMFHindmarsh Stadium

Monday, July 25

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
South Korea vs Colombia0-28:00 AMHSydney Football Stadium
Philippines vs New Zealand1-011:30 AMAWellington Regional Stadium
Norway vs Switzerland0-02:00 PMAFMG Stadium

Tuesday, July 26

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Costa Rica vs Japan0-211:00 AMCDunedin Stadium
Zambia vs Spain0-51:30 PMCEden Park Stadium
Republic of Ireland vs Canada1-26:00 PMBPerth Rectangular Stadium

Wednesday, July 27

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Netherlands vs United States1-17:00 AMEWellington Regional Stadium
Vietnam vs Portugal0-21:30 PMEFMG Stadium
Nigeria vs Australia3-24:00 PMBBrisbane Football Stadium

Thursday, July 28

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
South Africa vs Argentina2-26:00 AMGDunedin Stadium
Denmark vs England0-12:30 PMDSydney Football Stadium
Haiti vs China0-15:00 PMDHindmarsh Stadium

Friday, July 29

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Italy vs Sweden0-51:30 PMGWellington Regional Stadium
Brazil vs France1-24:00 PMFBrisbane Football Stadium
Jamaica vs Panama1-06:30 PMFPerth Rectangular Stadium

Saturday, July 30

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Morocco vs South Korea0-110:30 AMHHindmarsh Stadium
Philippines vs Norway0-61:00 PMAEden Park Stadium
New Zealand vs Switzerland0-01:00 PMADunedin Stadium
Colombia vs Germany2-13:30 PMHSydney Football Stadium

Sunday, July 31

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
Zambia vs Costa RicaTBD1:00 PMCFMG Stadium
Spain vs JapanTBD1:00 PMCWellington Regional Stadium
Australia vs CanadaTBD4:00 PMBAAMI Park Stadium
Nigeria vs Republic of IrelandTBD4:00 PMBBrisbane Football Stadium

Monday, August 1

MatchResultsTime (ET)GroupVenue
United States vs E4TBD1:00 PMEEden Park Stadium
Netherlands vs VietnamTBD1:00 PMEDunedin Stadium
Denmark vs D2TBD5:00 PMDPerth Rectangular Stadium
England vs ChinaTBD5:00 PMDHindmarsh Stadium

Tuesday, August 2

MatchTime (ET)GroupVenue
Sweden vs Argentina1:00 PMGFMG Stadium
Italy vs South Africa1:00 PMGWellington Regional Stadium
France vs F44:00 PMFSydney Football Stadium
Brazil vs Jamaica4:00 PMFAAMI Park Stadium

Wednesday, August 3

MatchTime (ET)GroupVenue
Colombia vs Morocco4:00 PMHPerth Rectangular Stadium
Germany vs South Korea4:00 PMHBrisbane Football Stadium

Knockout game Round of 16 Schedule

Saturday, August 5, 2023

GamesTime (ET)Venue
Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group CTBDEden Park Stadium
Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group ATBDWellington Regional Stadium

Sunday, August 6

MatchTime (ET)Venue
Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group GTBDSydney Football Stadium
Winner Group G vs Runner-up Group ETBDAAMI Park Stadium

Monday, August 7

MatchTime (ET)Venue
Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group BTBDBrisbane Football Stadium
Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group DTBDAccor Stadium

Tuesday, August 8

MatchTime (ET)Venue
Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group FTBDAAMI Park Stadium
Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group HTBDHindmarsh Stadium

2023 Women’s World Cup Quarter-finals Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Venue
Friday, Aug, 11Winner Match 49 vs 51TBDWellington Regional Stadium
Friday, Aug, 11Winner Match 50 vs 52TBDEden Park Stadium
Saturday, Aug, 12Winner Match 53 vs 55TBDBrisbane Football Stadium
Saturday, Aug, 12Winner Match 54 vs 56TBDAccor Stadium

2023 Women’s World Cup Semi-finals Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Venue
Tuesday, August, 15Winner Match 57 vs 58TBDEden Park Stadium
Wednesday, August 16Winner Match 59 vs 60TBDAccor Stadium

2023 Women’s World Cup Third place play-off Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Venue
Saturday, August 19Semi-final loser 1 vs 2TBDBrisbane Football Stadium

2023 Women’s World Cup Final Schedule

DateTime (ET)Venue
Sunday, August 20Winner Match no. 61 vs 62TBDAccor Stadium, Australia